International Debt Collection

International Debt Collection

UK, Europe, Rest of the World. Debt Collection London can recover debts from over 100 countries, providing a compliant service for all your International Debt Collection requirements.

Our wide selection of experienced member associations have a demonstrated track record of successfully recovering monies on an International basis. A working knowledge of local jurisdictional factors ensure our partners deliver a compliant service for all your International Debt Collection issues.

Organisations that are based in both the UK and internationally and have debt collection requirements can take advantage of our service as we operate around the world. Our partners have carried out International Debt Collection services in over 100 Countries, spanning from Argentina to Zaire.

Late, or non-payment, payments are extremely frustrating for organisations. If severe enough can seriously hinder the businesses cash flow, and especially if you are selling products or services on credit terms.

International Debt Collection London

When it comes to International Debt Collection there are many obstacles that can hinder the recovery speed. There is no linear process to obtaining payment of a debt as there are other factors to take into consideration throughout the process of recovery.

The chasing of unpaid invoices can have a dramatic, counter-productive effect and, like in many organisations, time is very much money. In addition, negotiating the recovery of international debt in a foreign language can prove extremely difficult.

Another obstacle to consider when performing an International Debt Collect is the differences in time zones depending on both the debtor and the creditor. Alongside these obstacles there are also uncertainties of jurisdiction should recovery via court become necessary.

Key International Debt Collection Benefits

  • A ‘Fixed Fee – No Hidden Cost’ International Debt Collection Service
  • Low Commission Rates & High Levels of professionalism
  • ISO9001 Accredited & Members of the Credit Services Association
  • Regular update reports and/or Online Account Access
  • Expert international Debt Collectors
  • High Recovery & Success rates

At Debt Collection London, we have a list of experienced and professional organisations to recommend that can successfully recover debt from across the globe with both time and cost benefits to you!

The process of international debt recovery includes three key words to make the process as smooth as possible for the client which are targetedstrategic and smarter. These points are used throughout the recovery process to maximise the potential of a successful recovery.

Our objective is to evaluate, negotiate and create the circumstances within which problem debt solutions can be successfully resolved with the aim of:

  • Maximizing cash flow
  • Reduce financing costs
  • Maintaining debtor goodwill and commercial trading relationships
  • Provision of an expedient and cost effective solution

Featured International Debt Collection Agency Partner

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Frontline Collection’s network of dedicated International Debt Collection Professionals ensures they have the capability to collect monies anywhere.

Where necessary, they can also enforce Legal Action on your behalf to ensure all is done to get your money back as quickly as possible using the appropriate and most effective means of collecting outstanding bad debt.

International Debt Collection London FAQs

Do I have to pay anything to you for your help with my international debt collection?

No you don’t. Our service is free and takes the hassle out of you having to approach numerous debt collection agencies. We will only ever use the leading International Debt Collectors organisations in the UK.

How can I trust you to find the right Agency?

With over 400 debt collection organisations in the UK who all have different practices, standards and pricing policies it can be an overbearing task to find the best in the business. Some debt collection agencies only deal with commercial debts or specifically with private debts. Some firms will not take ad-hoc instructions and some firms will only take bulk accounts of 100 or more. There are so many different types of firms and this is where we can help.

What type of companies are on your panel and do you vet them?

Yes of course. To become a member of our Debt Collection panel, each firm is subject to various security checks and must be the following; Authorised & licensed, Data Protection compliant, ISO9001 accredited, Members of the Credit Services Association, Fixed Cost Collection procedures, Proven high levels of service.

Should I choose a debt recovery company or a solicitors?

We think the simple fact that some of the UK’s largest law firms outsource their Debt Collection to our partners provides the answer to that one. Solicitors are process driven whereas our partner Debt Collection firms are results driven and pro active.

Why is it so important to use the right Debt Collection Agency?

It is of the utmost importance that the right Debt Collection Agency is used as it can be very damaging if an unprofessional outfit is selected. Not only will this vastly reduce the chances of actually recovering your money but it can be extremely damaging to your reputation and could well land you with criminal charges if a rogue outfit was wrongfully instructed.