Tenant Credit Checks

Pre screening tenants is probably the most important task a landlord ever does prior to a new tenant taking up occupancy as a difficult no paying tenant can literally cost you thousands of pounds in unpaid rent and legal fees.

TenantSure offers a low cost and expedient tenant checking services that be used on an ad-hoc basis whenever you have a need for it. It is a simple fact that Millions of pounds of rent goes unpaid every year in the UK and the situation has worsened in the last couple of years with the recession.

A landlord can eliminate 95% plus of all letting problems through careful screening and selection of tenants and TenantSure have the service to help you at a price that is right.

Landlords are always anxious when a property becomes empty and often try to fill the vacancy as fast as possible thus potentially maximising profitability of the property, but always remember this: no tenant at all is 100 times better that a bad one! A bad tenant can take up on average around 3/4 months to evict and the actual eviction process can cost anywhere up to £4,000+

So it pays to be sure, it pays to be TenantSure.

Key Benefits of service:

  • Low Cost - Fast Results
  • Pay as you go Service
  • Free Registration

What a Tenant Check report details:

  • Tenant ID Verification
  • CCJ Checks
  • Bankruptcy/IVA Check

For further information on how TenantSure can help your business visit www.tenant-sure.co.uk or call them on 0844 875 4066

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